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Behaviour and Safeguarding [Forms] Module

OnwardsandUpwards v20 Forms (videos)

(1) Design

Shows how Forms are designed
Duration: 7min 17s. Published: 5 April 2018

(2) Submit

Discusses email alerts and how Forms can be submitted
Duration: 3min 38s. Published: 6 April 2018

(3) Analysis

Shows Analysis on Forms
Duration: 3min 47s. Published: 5 April 2018

Broad overview

  1. General records of discussion with parents/ professionals etc.
  2. General behaviour incidents inc. some contextual information to be recorded re what happened, where, antecedents etc.
  3. Positive behaviours to be recorded
  4. A similar system for safeguarding - with alerts built in

Access and analysis

All of this will be accessible by staff to record initial incidents/concerns but then alert either e.g. Senior Leadership Team or Headteacher for different agreed criteria, and all of which can be analysed in any which way the school chooses (e.g. from individual pupils/ types of behaviour or need to groups of pupils/ behaviour/ needs to whole school analysis. It will also be link information to attendance, when analysing trends – imported from the schools administration system (e.g. SIMS).

flexible forms designer

Further detail

  • Unlimited user accounts within school
  • Email alerts system available for particular pupils/hot spots/ type of behaviour to go to particular members of staff. User-defined data input forms (templates for Behavioural Incidents) with fields such as: - (Name of pupil/ Staff member/s, date/ day of the week/ location of incident/ lesson/ Type of behaviour/ Injury (body map / space to write description) / Physical Intervention required/ Further action or follow-up required/ reported to parents/ email links to all staff involved for inputting additional comments etc.
  • A record of discussion form to record notes from conversations with parents/ pupils
  • Similar for Safeguarding template but viewing these would be restricted to particular designated users only
  • The school will be able to display graphs/ information on any field/s to be able to analyse at a glance whether there were 'hot spots' e.g. particular lessons/ times of day/ rooms etc.
  • Any behaviour graphs linked to an individual would also cross reference with the pupil's attendance. (No point showing zero incidents for a pupil if they were absent)
  • Ability to total different types of incidents either daily/weekly/monthly/termly etc. This could refer to an individual or more generally across school.

As with the core system, further functionality will evolve over time after feedback from the OnwardandUpwards Special Schools Community.

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