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Reviews of OnwardsandUpwards by schools who've agreed to be contacted for reference:


Sarah Williams

Assistant Head Teacher

"One of the things we love most … is that it is our system and we've been able to make it bespoke to what we want"

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Joanna Breakwell, Head of School, Cromwell High School, Tameside

Tel: 0161 338 9730

Customer Review


Lynne Lloyd

OnwardsandUpwards Administrator

"It's fantastic how customisable OnwardsandUpwards is"


Lynne Lloyd, OnwardsandUpwards Administrator, Weatherfield Academy, Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Tel: 01582 605632


Sue Rademacher


I researched a lot of different assessment systems being produced commercially and by individual schools when the Assessment without Levels directive was given.

I met with lots of assessment leaders who were using a combinations of systems for the different areas and felt that none of these were going to meet our needs. We wanted an assessment system that would allow us to track progress for the wide range of need in the school.

OnwardsandUpwards has allowed us to track breadth and depth of learning, which allows us to recognise realistic progress. Progress is measured in all curriculum areas as well as areas of the EHCPs. The stages of attainment are hierarchical and can be personalised to the school’s holistic curriculum. Within each statement of attainment are levels of involvement and learning, so that the depth of an individual pupil’s learning can be measured. We have also developed a new section to meet the recommendations of the Rochford Review. We can identify the Seven Aspects of Engagement through appropriate statements and track a pupil’s progress through their school career.

The system allows us to take “snapshots” of a pupil’s progress to their target as often as we feel necessary, this is then demonstrated in a series of reports and graphs/charts that are simple to read and interpret, enabling the school to provide interventions where appropriate immediately. For teachers the system is simple to use and accessible from anywhere with internet access; speed and ease are very important to us to ensure that a teacher’s workload is not extensive. The support team at Escendency are very supportive and always respond quickly and professionally - guiding through changes and giving confidence.

I liaise with many schools and still think it is the best system out there when I look around



Sue Rademacher - Headteacher, John Chilton School, Greater London

Tel: 0208 842 1329


David Maycock

Assistant Head

"…really liking Forms! It's like Microsoft Forms, but with more features!" Tom Gray, ICT Manager


"…our experience with Onwards and Upwards so far has been brilliant, when we need support and advice they always respond promptly via email or phone, even outside of normal working hours. Suggestions we have made for improvements have been taken on board and nothing seems too much trouble." David Maycock



David Maycock, Assistant Head, Addington School, Wokingham, Berkshire

Tel: 01582 605632


Cheryl Gallon

Leader OU Project



Cheryl Gallon – Leader OU Project, Manor Green Primary School, West Sussex

Tel: 01293 526873


Andrew Nowak

Deputy Head (Assessment)



Andrew Nowak – Deputy Head (Assessment), Queensmill School, Hammersmith & Fulham, London

Tel: 0208 740 8112


Hannah Goldman-Brown

Asst Head-Assessment & Progress + KS4



Hannah Goldman-Brown - Asst Head-Assessment & Progress + KS4, Cambridge School, Hammersmith & Fulham, London

Tel: 020 8735 0980


Elizabeth Farnden




Elizabeth Farnden - Headteacher, Forest Bridge School, Maidenhead, Berkshire

Tel: 01628 64 1769


Kerry Stevenson-Woods

Assistant Head & Director of Learning



Kerry Stevenson-Woods – Assistant Head & Director of Learning, Oaklands School, Montgomery Way, Winsford, Cheshire

Tel: 01606 551048