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The Benefits-old Here are just some of the benefits that come with OnwardsandUpwards v22

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Why Version 20?

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Totally New User Interface

It’s now very easy and quick for you and your colleagues to use and because it’s intuitive it needs virtually no training. Exactly the same interface runs just as easily on any tablet, laptop or desktop.

Totally Flexible Learning Outcomes

You can record your pupils’ learning outcomes any way you choose, whether that is the more traditional way of linear progression through stages, spikey
profiles, personalised or just measure attainment wherever it occurs or mix


Pupils can have their own personalised learning outcomes which are added, recorded and analysed in the same way as global learning outcomes and can be included in pupil reports.

Totally Flexible Target Setting

You can set single or multiple targets at any point in your learning structure be that short or long-term or both at the same time.

Updated Learning Outcome Library

This is already embedded in the system for you so you can select and request learning outcomes that have already been developed by our ever-growing community of UK special schools. Alternatively, you can add or augment your own learning outcomes to track progress holistically. You are not restricted to just academic progress, you can also track social, emotional, behavioural, soft skills, independence or whatever is important to you and your learners.

Attach Learning Evidence Anywhere

You can record evidence at any point in a pupil’s learning journey, e.g. a specific learning outcome statement, folder, subject, strand or just store it in the system to be evaluated for possible assignment later.

Get Dynamic Analysis

You can run powerful and highly visual reports on the fly such as graphs, charts, tables. You can then sort and edit right there on screen to get immediate answers to anything you want. Once you see what you want you can then instantly export to pdf or Excel. Additional analysis capability is available for free. Whatever you can imagine - just ask.

Advanced Security

This means that you can grant access permissions and privileges on an individual and/or group basis to only those areas of the system a user is allowed to see. We have also introduced two factor authorisation.

Easy Online Editing

There is no longer any need to export, edit and re-import. Just edit your outcomes, targets and pupils right there on screen and watch the system make live changes.

Machine Learning

The system now anticipates frequent requests which means the more you and your colleagues use it the faster it responds by having the data ready before you ask for it.

Behaviour & Safeguarding

v20 includes Behaviour Management and Safeguarding via our Forms module. The data can be shared securely, analysed and reported. You can include any type of form whether it be for pupils or staff.

  • Any Learning Outcomes
  • Personalisation
  • Spiky Profiles
  • Life Skills
  • Evidence
  • EHCP's
  • Behaviour
  • Safeguarding
  • Social and Emotional